About Us

True Profile Screeners is a one Stop Shop / Source offering the complete range of Background Screening & Recruitment Services.

True Profile Screeners is a professionally managed company with theĀ  valued experience of over 10 years in this Service. We provide pre-employment screening and credentials verification services through our Candidate Screening Program (CSP).

At True Profile Screeners, you can find an urge to achieve quality and integrity. We hold strictly to our core values in all aspects of our business. From decision making to internal staffing, every initiative must meet and hold true. These values create a foundation for stability and progress, and that makes us stand apart from the rest.


To become a trusted Business Partner in our clients Hiring & Recruiting decisions and to endow highly motivated and truly dedicated candidates to our Partners


To empower Clients to make the right hiring decision by consistently providing reliable, accurate and timely information.

Why Background Screening?

  • Assists hiring decisions
  • Saves time by avoiding recruiting and training wrong hires
  • Identifies potential employers that could pose a possible threat to an organization
  • Helps promote safety and minimize the possibility of violence at the workplace by checking past criminal behaviour
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Identifies misrepresentation of information by potential employees on CVs and other documents
  • Helps protect and maintain organizations reputation
  • Maintains company’s good reputation and avoids negative publicity

Our Services

  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Professional Reference check
  • Address Verification – Permanent
  • Address Verification -Present
  • Neighbour Check-Permanent
  • Neighbour Check-Present
  • Criminal Verification – Court
  • Criminal Verification – Police
  • Identity Verification-Aadhar
  • Identity Verification-Voters ID
  • Identity Verification-PAN
  • Global Database check
  • Credit Report-CIBIL
  • Social Media Profiling
  • Integrity Check
  • Finger printing
  • Psychometric Check
  • Drug Test
  • Pre-employment Medical Check